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About US -

This site, our business philosophy, our everything, revolves around making and fixing stuff.

The less money you spend, the more stuff you can make.

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This site is hosted using open source, or free:

Virtual server hosting software

Server operating systems

Server software like web hosting and email

Paid products and services:

Enterprise grade server hardware

Enterprise grade firewall

Domain name registration

Enterprise level Public DNS hosting

Enterprise grade SPAM filter service

Why build a web site?

  1. We didn't just build a site for us, we build and host sites for our customers too.
  2. Everyone should be proud of who they are and what they do.
  3. Computer professionals can publish our own BLOGS, web sites, and applications.
  4. is not doing work that would get published in printed materials, like books or magazines.
  5. A web site is a good way to get ahead of what other people say about you and your organization.